In-Flight Service: Making history since 1940

Since 1940, Delta flight attendants have been providing gracious hospitality and memorable service that customers have come to

Together we have built the best-run and most successful airline in the world. There is a difference and it's the culture we've created together at Delta.

6 questions with Delta’s most senior, most junior flight attendant

In honor of the 75th anniversary of Delta flight attendants, Delta News Network interviewed Delta’s most senior and most junior flight attendant, asking them the same six questions. Check out the responses from Seattle-based Mary Ann Brokaw and New York-based Jarret Julis. Q: When did you begin your career with Delta? Mary Ann: I was

Video: Delta celebrates 75 years of flight attendant service, smiles in the aisles

  On March 16, 1940, Birdie Perkins made history when she became Delta’s newest crew member and first

Delta's values-based culture means we work to take care of our people because they are the foundation of our company's success.

Delta people are the key to success and our greatest strength lies in its culture and values. Planes and products can be replicated, but our people cannot.